Monday, July 13, 2009

Problems accessing shoppingNsales?

Dear SNS Fans

First of all our apologies to those of you who are having problems accessing our site.

TQ for your feedback on your inability to access

Few things can be done

1) Visit, click on CTRL- F5 (Refresh Screen), this will force the website to REFRESH and not use the old cache on your computer, this would most probably solve most of your problems immediately.

2) If by pressing CTRL-F5, it still does not show you, then you will need to wait for a few more hours. When we change our web servers, the DNS registration for our website will need to be refreshed globally online, for some people it will take a few hours, for some up to 24 hours. If by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, you still cannot access, please email us again and let us know what happens when you click, and we'll get our provider to check further.

3) If the above two steps fail, try the following :



If you still need a

ssistance, please email us at sns [at] shoppingNsales [dot] com

For the Latest updates on shoppingNsales, please visit our NEW website at

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