Thursday, September 18, 2008

Highlights 18 September

Greetings from shoppingNsales

Lots of Departmental Sales starts today, like Robinsons , Sogo and tomorrow we have Isetan! So shopperholics Go Go Go!!

We received an update from Valiram yesterday that they ARE selling Coach leather goods like Bags, Key Chains, Wallets, Shoes, etc

Lots of positive feedback from the NOSE & RSH Warehousesale (which coincidently are in the same location!)

Today's Highlights

Coming Warehouse Sales (Akan Datang) in 2008

Warehousesales by Pictures (view by flyers)

This Week’s Warehouse Sales 2008

Hytex Warehouse Clearance

Fella Design Warehouse Clearance

Elba Warehouse Clearance

RSH Warehouse Sale

Axxel Marketing Warehouse Clearance

Nose Warehouse Sale

Stock Clearance at Dataran Hamodal

Guardian Stock Clearance

Valiram Group Luxury Clearance Sale

Digital Camera & Video Camera Stock Clearance

Brand Society Sale

Pok Brothers Warehouse Sale

Johnson Fitness Stock Clearance

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