Saturday, May 19, 2007

19 May : Free 200,000 Tickets to D-Paradise

19 May 2007

Free 200,000 Tickets to D-Paradise

Just complete D-Paradise's Form (here) and

you will receive a FREE Ticket to D-Paradise

About D-Paradise

After 5 years of research, planning and development the result is D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village. The World's largest collections of tropical, landscaped garden full of fun, adventure and discovery.

Assault your senses - see the fruits, smell them, and fall into a fruity dream. One of the many
"must see" attractions is the unique, authentic live Aboriginal Village. Here you can live amongst
the natives and discover how they hunt by blow-pipe, cook their food, make handicrafts, find medicinal herbs in the jungle and join in their culture dances.

D-Paradise is located in Malaysia's most historic State - Melaka allowing easy access by car. Only a one and a half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and a three and half hour drive from Singapore.

Day visitors will enjoy an action packed and exciting experience whilst if you choose you can also stay overnight. From up-scale camping grounds to the 5 star standard designer high-tech "Camp David Island" and D-CEO Village lodgings.

Check out D-Paradise's Website -

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