Friday, May 11, 2007

12 May - 10 Jun : Jusco Golfer's Super Deals

12 May to 10 June 2007

Jusco Golfer's Super Deals

Products Offered

Golf Drivers / Woods

Iron Clubs

Golf Bags

Golf Shoes

and more

Only Available at the following Jusco Stores

Jusco Queensbay - Tel 604 641 3822

Jusco Tebrau City - Tel 607 351 1110

Jusco Mid Valley - Tel 603 2284 4800

Jusco Ipoh - Tel 605 549 9633

Jusco Bandar Utama - Tel 603 7726 6266

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aw said...

Aiya.. the ad is too small to be viewed in Flickr. Can't see anything. Try or photobucket?

Anyway, keep up the good work! I for one appreciate your blog!

aw said...

No response, huh?

sns said...

Dear Aw ...

In FLICKR you have the option of viewing an image larger.

If you were to click on any of the SNS pictures, on the Right Side, click on Different Sizes, then choose Large.

Here's the Large Image Link for your preview. Hope it helps! :)

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