Friday, April 06, 2007

SNS News : Retail Sales at

This is new! Check out

Found out about it when their Google Ad popped out above on shoppingNsales! :)

Hmmm interesting! :) They are offering information about Sales (pretty much like shoppingNsales) and they have a simple designed website that feature Sales from Retail Shops (from the looks of it mostly, 1 Utama).

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iblogme said...

hi, thanks for the blog. keep up the good work! also, i wish to comment on offer station: i don't like visiting it because it took me a while to navigate around the page as there were interactive ads playing. i still prefer your clean, user-friendly navigation and layout.

sns said...

Dear iblogme

Great!! THANKS for your loyalty to SNS! And we will continue to strive to give the best of Sales info to all! :)

Appreciate your support!

SaiYew said...

Both SNS and offers different information, even though they look similar. All depends on what one look for (warehouse sales - SNS wins; other none warehouse related info -

So, pls keep up the good work, SNS. Appreciate what and SNS offers.

sns said...

Dear saiyew

Thanks for the encouragement!:)

Working hard to make SNS updated. So if u guys have any warehouse sales and other sales info let us know ya! :)

"Share with us, so that we can share with the rest of the world!"

:) SNS

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