Saturday, March 10, 2007

10 Mar : TMX Elmo Available in Malaysia

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10 March 2007

TMX Elmo will be made Available in Malaysia

Presenting T.M.X. Elmo - also known as Tickle Me Elmo X-Treme

T.M.X. Elmo will have you bowled over in fits of laughter as he giggles hysterically, shakes and more amazingly, rolls and tumbles on the floor with laughter. And what’s more, he stands up from any position all by himself!

With three ‘tickle’ spots, you can send T.M.X Elmo into a flurry of laughter by ‘tickling’ his chin, belly or left foot. Depending on the number of times you ‘tickle’ Elmo, you’ll watch in absolute delight as he reacts in a variety of ways, which become more and more extreme as the tickles continue!

One tickle will make T.M.X. Elmo giggle, shake and wave his right arm up and down. Two tickles will make Elmo sit on the floor in laughter, giggle and shake, wave his right up and down and stand up all by himself. Finally, to see T.M.X. Elmo reach the ‘extreme’, tickle Elmo three times to see him giggle and shake, lie on his tummy and wave his hand up and down, slap the floor in hysteria while he chuckles uncontrollably on his belly, turn over onto his back and kick his legs up and down in laughter, and then stand up again - all to finish with an exhausted sigh saying in the voice that everyone loves, 'Give Elmo a break - please!'

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Toys R Us

Available from 16 March 2007 onwards

Star Member Price RM170

Only at Mid Valley Toys R Us Store


Available Now

Exclusively at Parkson

RM239 for the Public

RM199 for Bonus Link Members (x 3 points)

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