Thursday, January 25, 2007

27 - 28 Jan : Diethlem Warehouse Sale

27 to 28 January 2007

DKSH (Diethlem) Warehouse Sale

Products Offered

Cereal, Cookies, Wines, Sauce, Margarine

Cordial, Snacks, Bread, Beverage, Canned Food

Digital Camera, Footware, Toys

Napkin, Diapers, Facial care, Toiletries

~ Kellogs, Kelsen, Wen Ken, Kraft

Life, VItalite, Berry Juice, Wyeth, Indocafe

Casio, Scholl, Mattel, Mamypoko ~


74 Jalan University

Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

I went there at 10.30am on Saturday and it was a mad rush. I was cought in the crowd and I thought I was going to die there. People was just pushing each other including myself and I could not stop and have a look-see because of the HUGE crowd pushing me. Yes it was that MAD. In the end I took a short cut out of there by crawling under the table so that I could get to my car. Didn't get anything though.

dareNtiff said...

Wow ... That must be some crazy time at the warehouse sale.

My wife and I only managed to get to the Diethelem sale at about 2pm (after work).

We were aiming for some Kjeldsen Biscuits and the Mamy Poko diapers.

The road jam leading to the Rothmans roundabout was crazy!

I had to take many backroads in order to avoid the cars. Imagine with me if u were coming from Jaya heading to Rothmans Roundabout. The traffic jam was backed up to the traffic light at the mosque!

Anyway, we finally found our way to Diethlem, thankfully we found a cool parking place just opposite the Diethlem entrance (and most probably one of the hundred culprit who helped narrow the two lane road to ONE!!)

And the crowd was not too bad. I was pretty surprise that it was not more.

Then i found out why. The Kjeldsen biscuits were ALL GONE!!

Thankfully we found some Mamy Poko diapers. (Not the packaging we wanted, but still the price offer was pretty good ..... better than all the hypermarts).

And also thankfully they had the size that we wanted "S" and "L".

So all in all we managed to invest just under RM200 at the warehouse sale! Not too bad! :)

Stupe said...

anon - i was there at 8.30am on saturday and it was crazy!

went on sunday and got what we wanted.

managed to get 4 boxes of at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Well atleast some of you got what you wanted. I got none. Wanted so much to get toys for my boys but didn't get any :(. Hey Stupe, you're the dude from PVC right? Ahaks!!. It's me lost la. LOL!

I post the 1st post too!

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